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Pennsylvania faces slow mail ballot count in 2020 election

Pennsylvania, one of the states most likely to decide the presidential election, is bracing for one of the slowest ballot counts in the country. The coronavirus pandemic has driven a record 2.6 million Pennsylvanians to request mail-in ballots. But state law bars the processing of those ballots until the morning of the Nov. 3 election. […]

Trump-Biden debate: Nixon, Kennedy faced off remotely in 1960

If President Trump does eventually agree to a virtual debate with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, it won’t be the first showdown between two presidential candidates in different locations. The Commission on Presidential Debates wanted the event that was originally scheduled for Thursday — now officially canceled — to have the candidates participate remotely because […]

Latinos ‘can be the difference maker’ in this battleground

In Siler City, where poultry trucks scatter feathers on the roads, Janet Pulido knocked on doors in a heavily Latino mobile home park on a recent autumn weekend, hoping to get out the vote. At Interfood Plaza Latina in Raleigh, Sarahi Gonzalez held a sign in Spanish that read, “Register to vote here. Citizen? Over […]

Armenia, Azerbaijan have long fought over Nagorno-Karabakh

The sirens silent for the time being, Vartan Abrahamian, a 53-year-old social worker and retired soldier, returned to seal the broken windows on his home in the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh. “We’re used to it. For myself I’m not worried,” Abrahamian said of the hostilities raging once more in this disputed territory, a mountainous region tucked […]

Pandemic echoes the ordeals of film’s subject — sex workers

The story had been brewing in her for years — a tale of disease, isolation and a state’s control over women’s bodies during a troubling chapter in South Korea’s not-so-distant past. Gina Kim’s virtual reality film will immerse viewers in the life of a “camp town” prostitute catering to U.S. troops stationed in the country […]

U.N.’s World Food Program is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

The United Nations’ World Food Program was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in recognition of its efforts to fight hunger across the globe. The Norwegian Nobel Institute paid tribute to the organization “for its efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and for acting as […]

Takeaways from the VP debate between Harris and Pence

For 90 minutes, the understudies had their moment. Vice President Mike Pence and California Sen. Kamala Harris faced each other Wednesday night behind plexiglass partitions in a low-key debate that was peevish but generally polite. Their clash probably won’t have much effect on who wins the White House — a housefly may have stolen the […]

Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to work on CRISPR gene editing

The Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded Wednesday to UC Berkeley biochemist Jennifer A. Doudna and French scientist Emmanuelle Charpentier for their pioneering work on the so-called CRISPR tool for gene editing, a discovery that holds out the possibility of curing genetic diseases. The Nobel Committee said the two women’s work on developing the CRISPR […]

To stop a Chinese invasion, Taiwan has to first fight the stigma of military service

If Taiwan is to fend off a Chinese invasion, it will need reluctant recruits like Roger Lin to summon the patriotism that inspired older generations but these days doesn’t burn as passionately in the young. The 21-year-old French-language major regards his upcoming mandatory four-month military service as an unnecessary burden, even as complaints persist that […]

Malaysia glove company increases payments to migrant workers

The world’s largest disposable glove company, whose sales to the U.S. have been restricted over allegations of forced labor, will pay tens of millions of dollars in additional reimbursements to migrant workers who were recruited unethically, company documents show. The Malaysian manufacturer Top Glove will pay workers from Nepal about $1,500 and workers from Bangladesh […]