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SpaceX launches its first astronauts in joint NASA mission

Riding a crackling flame out of Earth’s atmosphere, two NASA astronauts on Saturday became the first to reach orbit in a craft designed and owned by a private company — marking a new era in spaceflight. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley rocketed to space Saturday afternoon inside a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, en route […]

Black, Latino business owners face destruction in Minneapolis

Abdishakur Elmi looked on in horror as flames raged and smoke billowed from the roof of the brick building next to his restaurant. A single truck and a few fire fighters battled the blaze that had already consumed several neighboring businesses overnight in a gentrified section of East Lake Street. The police station had been […]

A veteran and his bomb-sniffing dog may be separated forever

A Marine Corps veteran is fighting to keep a bomb-sniffing dog he said he has spent “almost every second” with for the past year at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, as their deployment together comes to an end this week, even though it would be a breach of protocol. Defense contractor Constellis hired Richard […]

Larry Kramer, ‘Normal Heart’ playwright and AIDS activist, dies

A frail man stood outside the Golden Theatre in New York in 2011 when Larry Kramer’s scorchingly angry 1985 play about AIDS, “The Normal Heart,” finally received its Broadway debut. As theatergoers emerged from the theater, the man handed them leaflets. “Please know that this is a plague that need not have happened,” it cried […]

Coronavirus forces changes to Memorial Day tributes, celebrations

Memorial Day events took on a new form Monday as America honored its fallen forces and commemorated the holiday under social distancing rules, even as the national death toll from COVID-19 climbed toward a grim milestone — 100,000 lives. “We know something about loss because we’re living it again. Over 100,000 Americans will lose their […]

Cuban doctors seeking asylum run border clinic amid pandemic

The Cuban nurse picked her way through the sprawling border camp on the banks of the Rio Grande, past tents housing a couple of thousand migrants. Mileydis Tamayo Salgado navigated a maze of worn dirt tracks wearing a red T-shirt labeled “Medico.” She ducked under clotheslines and tarps before entering treatment tents, thermometer in hand. […]

Netanyahu corruption trial begins amid raucous atmosphere

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial finally began Sunday, two images from the courtroom steps stood out. One was of the arrival of chief prosecutor Liat Ben-Ari. The target of a raging campaign of threats and incitement, she was encircled by beefy bodyguards she’d been assigned. The other was that of a seething […]

China flexes power over Hong Kong with national security law

With its COVID-19 outbreak waning, nationalism rising at home and its antagonists in the Trump administration preoccupied by the pandemic and election-year politics, the Chinese Communist Party is boldly moving to crush a dangerous obstacle to its authority. By imposing a new national security law on Hong Kong, Beijing signaled its determination to squelch a […]

Report: Mexico City coronavirus toll may be 3 times higher

At least three times as many people in Mexico City may have died of complications from COVID-19 than have been officially reported, a new report by a Mexican activist group suggests. Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity says it found 4,577 cases in the Mexican capital in which death certificates linked the coronavirus to fatalities between […]