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Mexico faces crisis of migrant children and families

After a weeks-long trip from her native Honduras, Juana Cruz Funez couldn’t understand why she and her daughter, Itzy, 8, had been denied their goal — entry into the United States. “I heard people could stay in America if we came with our children,” a sobbing Cruz said moments after the U.S. Border Patrol expelled […]

El Salvador’s 39-year-old president has one goal: Power

A few days after he led a coup, the president of El Salvador uploaded a video onto TikTok of him gliding in a military vehicle while hundreds of soldiers salute. Then comes the soundtrack: A booming reggaeton song called “Bichota”— slang for “big shot.” The video — irreverent, rooted in pop culture and projecting brazen […]

How USPS lost a Holocaust survivor’s remains in the mail

“USPS lost Grandma (A THREAD)” Arielle Yuspeh typed those words into Twitter late Wednesday afternoon, knowing it was an act of utter desperation. But the West Hollywood resident was running out of options. It had been almost two weeks since her uncle Richard had gone to a post office near his home in Milwaukee, carrying […]

Residents flee as Israeli air, artillery strikes pummel Gaza

Israel intensified its attacks on the northern part of the Gaza Strip early Friday, spurring hundreds of residents in the densely packed territory to flee their homes amid fears of a ground incursion. The Israeli military announced a ground and air assault on northern Gaza, massing troops along the Israel-Gaza border and pounding the area […]

A student’s death sparks a public outcry in China — and a rare government response

They waved white flowers in the air before the school entrance, chanting: “Truth! Truth! Truth! Truth! Truth!” Uniformed police quickly dispersed the protesters, knocking some to the ground and tackling others, then pushing them away, as seen in several videos that went viral online. But public anger continued to grow, with millions of online views […]

Column: The agony and ecstasy of Kevin McCarthy

Being Kevin McCarthy can’t be easy or very much fun these days. He’s in the throes of a bruising congressional leadership fight. He’s being attacked — on Fox News! — for a cush Washington living arrangement. He’s been scolded by his political mentor for his bended-knee devotion to Donald Trump. And yet the Republican congressman […]

President Biden, take next step at Grand Staircase-Escalante

The White House is moving forward judiciously in pursuing President Biden’s goal of conserving 30% of the nation’s land, fresh water and ocean areas by 2030. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland delivered her report on the 30×30 initiative at the end of April. A statement of core principles followed, signed by the four Cabinet members charged […]

Column: It’s Liz Cheney vs. Trump — and so far he’s winning

This week, Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives are expected to fire Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming from the third-highest-ranking job in their leadership. Her offense: She refuses to shut up. Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has been a reliably conservative vote on matters of policy. But after Jan. […]

No refuge for India’s rich and middle class from new COVID wave

Pinakin Tendulkar’s gated apartment complex — with its yoga garden and jogging path — insulates middle-class families from the pollution, desperation and chaos that permeate the lives of India’s urban poor. Class distinctions are harshly drawn in this nation, but when a ferocious new wave of COVID-19 swept through this prosperous city of technology parks […]