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Column: Jan. 6 select committee is the last hope against lies

The Jan. 6 House Select Committee has only just begun its work and it’s already proving the great value of congressional investigations to the country. The committee was established against the backdrop of vast gaps in our knowledge about the Capitol attack. It is a national imperative — one that all public leaders should share […]

Man who claimed to have bomb near Capitol surrenders to authorities

WASHINGTON —  A North Carolina man who claimed to have a bomb in his black pickup truck surrendered to authorities after a five-hour standoff that forced police to evacuate buildings near the U.S. Capitol, sparking anxiety in a city still on edge months after a deadly insurrection by a pro-Donald Trump mob. Floyd Roy Roseberry stepped […]

Comcast, ViacomCBS join forces for international streaming venture SkyShowtime

Comcast Corp. and ViacomCBS are joining forces to create an international streaming service, SkyShowtime, to gain a presence in nearly two dozen smaller European countries, including Spain, the Czech Republic and Sweden. The move, announced Wednesday, raises questions about whether the two U.S. media giants are big enough to compete on their own, particularly in […]

Seth Meyers urges U.S. to help refugees fleeing Afghanistan

Late-night TV hosts Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon have all addressed the widespread fear and devastation unfolding in Afghanistan after the United States withdrew its forces from the country and the Taliban promptly seized the capital. On Monday, “Late Night,” “The Late Show” and “The Tonight Show” aired segments commenting on President Biden’s […]

Photos of Kabul as the Taliban takes charge in Afghanistan

An Afghan soldier who didn’t want to use his name looks at Kabul below Sunday and says, “This is like a quick death,” referring to the fall of the city. He said it was going to be a hard moment for him when he removes his uniform permanently after 10 years of service at an […]

The Taliban won. Here’s what that could mean

DUBAI —  Now that the Taliban has regained power after nearly two decades in the Afghan hinterlands, the average Afghan will face a radically different government, and lifestyle, than the one they have known since the U.S.-led invasion in late 2001. How will the Taliban rule? Have they changed? When the Islamist insurgent group first came […]

Fleeing advancing Taliban, Afghan refugees face uncertainty

KABUL, Afghanistan —  If desperation had a face, it might resemble that of Nooria, a widowed mother of seven from the northern Afghani city of Kunduz. The Taliban last week overran Kunduz, one of a succession of provincial capitals to fall to the Islamist militant group as it swiftly encircles the nation’s capital, Kabul. For Nooria, […]

Will the Taliban surge in Afghanistan hurt Biden?

WASHINGTON —  As Afghanistan’s provincial capitals fell in astonishingly rapid order to the Taliban this week, President Biden made it clear he has no regrets for withdrawing American forces from the country after two decades. A politician known for his deep reserve of empathy, Biden has offered surprisingly little solace to the Afghan people: “They’ve got […]

Biden sending troops to Afghanistan to help pull Americans out

WASHINGTON —  The Biden administration, struggling to contain the rapid collapse of much of Afghanistan to Taliban forces, on Thursday announced it was pulling most U.S. Embassy personnel out of Kabul and urged American citizens — for the second time in a week — to leave the country immediately. Several thousand U.S. troops will be dispatched […]

Many Afghans seek way out as U.S. leaves and Taliban advances

As U.S. and NATO troops withdraw from war-torn Afghanistan, the Taliban is advancing and claiming more territory. The radical Islamist group controlled about two-thirds of the country as of Wednesday — including a number of provincial capitals seized in recent days — and it appeared that at some point its fighters would go for control […]