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Capitol riot: OC man indicted on conspiracy charges

Two Orange County extremists — a former police chief and his partner in organizing Stop the Steal rallies — have been indicted along with members of the Three Percenters militia for their roles in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. Alan Hostetter, former chief of the La Habra police department, faces charges along with fellow Californians […]

Katie Hill fights to make revenge porn a federal crime

Katie Hill has faced deep lows since resigning from Congress after nude images of her were disseminated around the globe without her consent. She feared for her physical safety during her divorce; she had suicidal ideation, nightmares, mounting legal debt and anxiety about being recognized. The 33-year-old is now channeling her energy and using her […]

Trump’s ‘favorite dictator’ is now President Biden’s burden

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi sat at the head of the ornate room, on a chair that seemed slightly bigger than the rest, thronelike. Even through his COVID mask, it was clear he was not smiling. His visitor, the first envoy from the new Biden administration, was relegated to the side chairs with other members […]

Op-Ed: Will the U.S. finally correct its course in Haiti?

This month may prove to be crucial for Haiti’s future. Americans used to think that any country’s political problems — and thus all its other difficulties — could be solved with a good, solid, democratic, U.S.- supported election. But in many countries where we’ve proposed and followed through with backing for such elections, problems have […]

Why Kamala Harris is going to Guatemala and Mexico

When Vice President Kamala Harris leaves Sunday night for her first official trip out of the country, she won’t be going far or for long. Guatemala and Mexico are closer to Washington than her home in California, and she’ll spend just a day in each country. But the stakes are big, for Harris and the […]

Column: Want to change the Senate? Elect different senators

The Democratic-led Senate is heading toward showdowns on two critical pieces of legislation: President Biden’s ambitious infrastructure plan and a bill to stop state legislatures from making it harder to vote. But there’s a roadblock in the Democrats’ way, and it’s not Republican leader Mitch McConnell. It’s Joe Manchin III, the maverick Democrat from West […]

For border immigration backup, Biden’s pushing an asylum app

Facing a backup of tens of thousands of migrants stranded at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Biden administration is betting on a technological fix: a mobile app. In recent weeks, U.S. border officials have taken an unprecedented step, quietly deploying a new app, CBP One, which relies on controversial facial recognition, geolocation and cloud technology to […]

What’s the matter with Kyrsten Sinema and the filibuster?

The original filibuster is a very Roman move. In the ancient world, Roman senators like Cato the Younger were notorious blowhards who thrived on delivering long speeches to prove their stamina and talent at oratory. The U.S. Senate is the only legislative body on the planet that still regularly lets itself be held hostage by […]

Anti-Netanyahu coalition in Israel tries to stay united

In grave danger of losing his job, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out Thursday at the “dangerous” coalition that aims to unseat him, calling it a left-wing cabal when it in fact includes leading figures from Israel’s political right. The country’s longest-serving leader unleashed his fury as his rivals strove to shore up the awkward […]

Are rewards for COVID vaccines really such a great idea?

At first, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 seemed like enough of a reward. You got the satisfaction of protecting your health and that of the people around you, and the knowledge that soon you would be able to socialize with other vaccinated people without wearing masks. But as demand for the vaccines waned, the prizes began: […]