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The world’s greatest cardsharp reveals all

Fremont Street, once the world capital of swank, used to be Steve Forte’s turf. But on a spring day, he was just another face in a crowd, snaking through two relics of downtown Las Vegas, Binion’s and the Four Queens casino. No one bothered the man many consider the greatest card handler who ever lived. […]

Amid COVID, Las Vegas bets on new tourism. Will jobs return?

He wore a silk shirt and kept a slight scent of cologne about him. He liked to talk. There was always someone to talk to, like the production assistant from Los Angeles who blew $1,200 on video poker. They all brought their stories to the 40-foot marble bar at the Rio hotel, and later to […]

Political candidates in Mexico face risk of assassination

Her campaign rally was already heating up, with a live band belting out ranchera beats on the street, when Rosa Alma Barragán sent out a hastily made video on Facebook in hopes of drawing an even bigger crowd. “Come and listen,” she said from the city of Moroleón, where she was running for mayor. “Come […]

The Violence Against Women Act and Congress

In the eyes of proponents, reauthorizing the federal Violence Against Women Act should be a no-brainer. Since it was implemented in 1994, the act has resulted in billions of dollars for tribal, state and local governments, as well as nonprofit organizations, working to help victims and prevent domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking throughout the […]

San Jose shooting rattles residents, leaves many questions

First, the gunman set his house on fire. Then he drove to work Wednesday morning and shot nine co-workers to death in two separate buildings at a San Jose light rail yard, after possibly setting explosives. As Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies ran on scene just moments after the first 911 calls came in, he […]

Rx for pain relief: 30 minutes with a story

If you know or have kids who’ve been suffering from the disruption of the pandemic, there may be a pharmaceutical-free way to alleviate their pain and stress: Read them a story. Scientists in Brazil who studied the effect of storytelling and riddle-based games on children hospitalized in an intensive care unit found that stories lowered […]

Pro-Palestinian activists build progressive coalition in U.S.

The activists spoke from behind their computer screens, convening from multiple corners of the world to convey a singular message on the need for continued solidarity among Black organizers and their Palestinian counterparts. “I know that Palestinian people have felt alone for so long, and I know that because Black people have felt alone for […]

Middle East awash with military drones

The masked fighters in camouflage uniforms trudge across the dunes of Gaza, lugging two gray drones with wooden propellers and warheads. Loaded on metal launchers, the winged aircraft shoot into the sky, headed off to strike Israel. The propaganda video, made public this month by Hamas in the midst of the worst fighting with Israel […]

Litman: Why Biden’s Justice Dept. may disappoint some

Many people view Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland as the polar opposite of the Trump-era attorneys general. His tenure, they expect, will be marked by the wholesale reversal of policies and practices put in place by Trump Atty. Gen. William Barr, in particular. Where the previous Justice Department zigged, Garland will zag. It won’t work that […]