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Colorado mourns officer killed in Boulder mass shooting

On a blustery Tuesday morning a procession of nearly 500 law enforcement vehicles stretching some eight miles streamed down South Boulder Road toward Flatirons Community Church. Mourners, some with tears in their eyes, lined the road waving flags. Police, sheriff’s deputies, park rangers, firefighters, paramedics had come from every corner of Colorado to attend the […]

Death of Salvadoran woman after police arrest in Mexico sparks outrage

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday joined in a chorus of international condemnation following the death of a Salvadoran refugee arrested by police in the Caribbean tourist resort town of Tulum. The victim died after Mexican police held her facedown on a street and one officer kneeled on her back in a technique […]

Black Voters Matter aims to keep Georgia election gains

On an unseasonably muggy February afternoon, a tour bus emblazoned with “We got power” snaked through Warner Robins. Wrapped in the pan-African colors of red, black and green, it was an exuberant ode to Black political clout. Residents, almost all of them Black, greeted the Black Voters Matter coach like an old friend as it […]

Myanmar forces reportedly kill over 110 civilians in deadliest day since coup

Fears that Myanmar’s military would launch a brutal crackdown to mark Armed Forces Day were realized Saturday when security forces reportedly killed more than 110 people across the country in the bloodiest massacre since the army seized power in a coup last month. While soldiers paraded on the empty streets of the isolated capital, Naypyidaw, […]

Suez Canal has been scene of international drama before

With the global supply chain in jeopardy, powerful tugboats and dredgers worked desperately Friday to free the giant cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal in a race against mounting economic losses. Hundreds of ships have been left waiting in the open sea, tens of billions of dollars’ worth of goods lie undelivered and companies the […]

It’s not Tuskegee. Current medical racism fuels Black Americans’ vaccine hesitancy

For months, journalists, politicians and health officials — including New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Dr. Anthony Fauci — have invoked the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study to explain why Black Americans are more hesitant than white Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. “It’s ‘Oh, Tuskegee, Tuskegee, Tuskegee,’ and it’s mentioned every single time,” said Karen […]

After Boulder shooting, gun reform is again gaining steam

In 2018, the Boulder City Council made national news for unanimously voting to outlaw assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. With plenty of military-style rifles for sale nearby, the ban — a response to the deaths of 17 people in a mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. — was unlikely to […]

Overwhelmed Border Patrol releases migrants without paperwork

Honduran migrant Joaquin Padilla Nunez paid little attention to the paperwork U.S. Customs and Border Protection gave him after he crossed the Rio Grande during the weekend with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. It was only once his family reached a makeshift shelter at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley […]

Half of Republican men say they don’t want the vaccine

Millions of elderly Americans are still hunting for appointments to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Millions of younger Americans are waiting impatiently for their turn in line. But there’s one group whose members are far more skeptical about the vaccine — and in some cases are actively refusing to get jabbed at all. That group is […]