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Texas seeks out-of-state medical help amid COVID-19 crisis

HOUSTON —  The Texas governor appealed for out-of-state medical help as COVID-19 hospitalizations soared but stopped short of reversing his ban on mask mandates even as leaders of the state’s largest cities and school systems imposed them. Gov. Greg Abbott directed the state health department to use staffing agencies to find additional medical staff as the […]

Stunning speed of Taliban victories ramps up the pressure on Kabul — and Washington

AMMAN, Jordan —  With a sixth provincial capital in its hands Monday and attacks pounding a seventh, the Taliban has stunned observers with its lightning takeover of large swaths of Afghanistan in recent days — raising uncomfortable questions for Washington as the Biden administration forges ahead with its rapid withdrawal of troops from the war-torn country. […]

Japan Olympics may be remembered for its bureaucracy.

TOKYO —  The Olympic promos playing ad nauseam in the lull between events showed Japan in a futuristic light: Tokyo awash in a neon glow, trailing lights zipping from one stadium to the next, giant holograms of athletes hovering atop high-rise buildings. These were supposed to be “the most innovative Games in history” — robots greeting […]

Senate clears infrastructure bill hurdle, nears final vote

WASHINGTON —  The Senate on Saturday cleared an important procedural hurdle as it inches slowly toward final approval of an expansive bipartisan bill to rebuild the country’s aging roads, bridges, rail and electric grid, the culmination of months of negotiation over the first portion of President Biden’s sizable infrastructure proposal. The Senate, called in on Saturday […]

Podcast: The Beirut explosion, one year later

Listen to this episode of The Times: When a warehouse filled with ammonium nitrate and fireworks exploded at the Port of Beirut on Aug. 4, 2020, it pushed out a fireball into the air, followed by a shock wave that raced inland at supersonic speed. A trail of devastation followed: 200 people dead, thousands wounded […]

Photos: Violent Beirut protests a year after port explosion

BEIRUT —  Thousands of Lebanese took to the streets Wednesday to protest on the first anniversary of the port explosion that killed at least 200 people and decimated whole neighborhoods of Beirut. The one-year anniversary comes after the country has suffered an unprecedented economic crisis, currency devaluation, and a political deadlock that has left the people […]

Beirut explosion turned grain silos into monuments of despair

BEIRUT —  The day Beirut exploded, the silos remained. For 50 years, dozens of white, 157-foot-tall cylinders presided over Beirut’s port and held much of Lebanon’s grain — landmarks in a city that had lost many of them to civil war or pitiless development. For Lamia Ziade, an illustrator and visual artist, they were the touchstone […]

Biden expands Afghan refugee program as Taliban violence grows

WASHINGTON —  As violence in Afghanistan soars, the Biden administration announced Monday that it was expanding the pool of endangered Afghans who can receive refugee visas, but the system’s complexities may limit who can benefit. The new visa program comes after demands from Congress, news organizations and human rights groups for greater protection for tens of […]

Canada surpassed us on vaccinations.

GORDON BAY, Canada —  Three months ago, Canada, which has no domestic manufacturer of COVID-19 vaccines, lagged far behind the United States in immunizations. Only 3% of its population was fully vaccinated. Canadians watched glumly as friends and relatives south of the border lined up for shots, while residents of Toronto and Montreal suffered repeated lockdowns. […]