Trump uses coronavirus crisis to visit swing states

President Trump will fly to Michigan on Thursday to visit a Ford Motor Co. factory that launched a crash program last month to build ventilators and personal protective gear for the coronavirus crisis. Last week, he visited a distribution facility in Pennsylvania that ships medical supplies around the country. And a week before that, he […]

Under Trump, migrant children cut off from families, counsel

The 16-year-old girl sat alone in the hotel room, under guard, unable to leave, unable to call anyone. She didn’t know where she was, or even what state she was in; all she knew was that she was going to be deported in a few hours to Guatemala, the country she’d fled. Unknown to her, […]

40 years later, Mt. St. Helens looms as a marvel and threat

On the morning of May 18, 1980, an earthquake shook Mt. St. Helens and the mountain’s north face collapsed in one of the largest debris avalanches ever recorded. The slide uncorked the volcano, baring magma that exploded with 500 times the force of the Hiroshima bomb in the most destructive eruption in U.S. history. The […]

Coronavirus grief is different: ‘Everything just feels fake’

It’s been seven weeks since Karen Blanks’ brother-in-law died from COVID-19, but his death still doesn’t seem real to her. She and her husband couldn’t visit Scott Blanks in the hospital. They couldn’t view his body at the mortuary before he was cremated. They’re not holding a memorial service until large gatherings are permitted. “Everything […]

Coronavirus: Want to see friends? Here are the risk factors

Your willpower is fraying. Mine is too. For two months we’ve been good. We’ve Zoomed. We’ve FaceTimed. We’ve waved at neighbors from across the street and behind the fence. But enough is enough. We want to see friends and family in real life. Now many of us are allowing cracks to form in our protective […]

Coronavirus recovery proves dangerously tough for Britain

British historian Frank Carlyle has made a life’s work of trying to make sense of the past. But now it’s the present that’s confounding him. The retired academic — along with many compatriots — says he simply can’t fathom the latest coronavirus guidelines handed down by the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Lockdown measures […]

As U.S. looks to reopen, Canada seeks longer border closure

While parts of the United States rush to open restaurants, stores and public places, Canada — fearful of the high coronavirus contamination rates to the south — is rushing to keep the 5,525-mile border closed for nearly six more weeks. Under a likely agreement between the two countries, Canada and the U.S. will continue to […]

Pandas in the pandemic produce both delight and disappointment

The excitement has been hard to bear, but so has the sadness. In the Netherlands, fans of the Ouwehands Zoo in the city of Rhenen — as well as animal lovers around the world — have been reveling in footage of a squealing newborn panda cub being cradled by its proud mother, Wu Wen, one […]

Citing coronavirus, U.S. won’t release migrant kids

The 17-year-old Guatemalan boy has been in a California detention center for migrant children for more than 400 days. He’s one of the longest-held of the roughly 1,800 minors in the U.S. immigration detention system — the largest in the world, and one now riddled with the novel coronavirus. Federal detention of immigrants is civil, […]

Obamacare’s neglected legacy: advancing civil rights

Dr. Susan Ward-Jones observed something remarkable not long after the East Arkansas Family Health Center opened a new clinic in this small city by the Mississippi River. “People used to come in unkempt, sloppily dressed. They look better now,” said Ward-Jones, the clinic’s director. “I think people have a new pride in themselves. Maybe they […]