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Pence’s Indiana hometown built by very different Republican

The welcome sign on State Road 46 promises “Unexpected” and “Unforgettable.” It stands above an outsize tribute to NASCAR champion Tony Stewart, with 10 full lines listing the accomplishments of the hometown racing hero nicknamed “Smoke.” A smaller metal plate was added after the 2016 election. “Hometown of Michael R. Pence,” reads the three-line tribute. […]

Masks could save over 100,000 lives in the U.S., study says

If Americans would stop complaining about face masks and wear them when they leave their homes, they could save well over 100,000 lives — and perhaps more than half a million — through the end of February, according to a study published Friday in Nature Medicine. The researchers considered five scenarios for how the COVID-19 […]

How Facebook censorship helps suppress dissent in Vietnam

For months, Bui Van Thuan, a chemistry teacher turned crusading blogger in Vietnam, published one scathing Facebook post after another on a land dispute between villagers and the communist government. In a country with no independent media, Facebook provides the only platform where Vietnamese can read about contentious topics such as Dong Tam, a village […]

Q&A: What is the Commission on Presidential Debates?

The closing weeks of the 2020 presidential election have been shot through by controversy over when and how the two main candidates will meet and debate. Right in the middle of that controversy is the Commission on Presidential Debates, a little-known nonprofit that has managed the matchups for decades. The second and final bout between […]

A campaign got health experts to declare racist policing a crisis

In the weeks after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, dozens of city councils, mayors and governors approved resolutions condemning police violence and calling racism a public health crisis. One of the most strongly worded statements, passed unanimously by the Goleta, Calif., City Council, proclaimed that “Black people in America continue to […]

How Fox News analyst Arnon Mishkin will call the election

President Trump has sustained himself during a challenging 2020 campaign against former vice president Joe Biden with friendly interviews and support from the Fox News opinion hosts. But on Nov. 3, he can’t count on a break from the network’s political number-crunchers, who will be in charge as election results roll in. The Fox News […]

Election 2020: Behind Palm Beach, home of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Laurel Baker steered her dark-blue sport utility vehicle through this tony resort town, studded on all sides with tall hedges and metal gates offering stingy glimpses of spectacular mansions. Private entrances to private beaches read: NO TRESPASSING and KEEP OUT. Sidewalks are rare in this affluent enclave President Trump calls home, befitting neighborhoods where people […]

Supreme Court to weigh bid to exclude immigrants from census

The Supreme Court said Friday it would give President Trump another chance to exclude immigrants in the U.S. illegally from the 2020 census, in a case that targets the political power of California and other states with large immigrant populations. The justices agreed to hear a special argument Nov. 30 to decide for a second […]

Coronavirus trounces both teams in ill-fated hockey game

They ranged in age from 19 to 53, weekend warriors who likely grew up playing hockey on ponds, in youth leagues and on high school teams. Even as adults, they couldn’t leave the ice behind. Yet despite their combined athleticism and skill, they were no match for the coronavirus. Their fateful match-up occurred on June […]

Biden has shot in Texas to seriously alter presidential map

For years it shimmered on the far horizon, beckoning like a watery mirage: a blue Texas. Democrats plotted and schemed and talked about flipping this conservative stronghold and seizing its electoral votes, a stockpile that is crucial for Republicans. Inevitably, they fell short — typically by a lot. This time, however, it is not far-fetched […]