The U.S. wants Asian allies to stand up to China

Seeking support in a budding cold war with Beijing, the U.S. is looking to Southeast Asia, where longstanding allies and security partners have clashed with their giant neighbor in the resource-rich South China Sea. China’s claims over nearly the entire waterway — impeding fishing and oil exploration, sinking smaller countries’ vessels and inciting military confrontations […]

L.A. Times reporter Molly Hennessy-Fiske talks protests, COVID

Reporter Molly Hennessy-Fiske will be live on video Wednesday to answer your questions about her work as a reporter. At 1 p.m. PDT, Molly will be live on YouTube and Facebook and, along with moderator Samantha Melbourneweaver, she’ll answer your questions about her work, her recent coverage of George Floyd protests in Minneapolis, and her […]

Mexico City was once the realm of the mammoth

Crouching in the dirt, workers gingerly stripped away layers of sediment with brushes, picks and spatulas, revealing jagged vestiges of a lost world. “Vertebrae,” explained Rubén Manzanilla López, the project supervisor, pointing to a row of outsized bones jutting from the ground. “And over there is a pelvis.” In recent months, this airport construction site […]

WHO acknowledges that coronavirus can linger in the air

Under growing pressure from researchers, the World Health Organization acknowledged Thursday that the coronavirus can linger in the air indoors and potentially infect people even when they practice social distancing. The United Nations agency had maintained that such airborne transmission occurred only during certain medical procedures and that nearly all infections occur when people inhale […]

COVID-19 and blood type: What’s the link?

If there’s one thing we want to know about COVID-19, it’s probably this: What’s my risk of getting it? Researchers have identified certain things that make some people more vulnerable than others. Men are at greater risk than women. Older people are at greater risk than younger people. Those with chronic health problems like Type […]

Democratic Senate candidates rake in massive donations

A group of Democratic challengers to incumbent Republican U.S. senators has once again posted massive fundraising numbers, raising the party’s hopes of reclaiming the Senate from the GOP in the November election. The Democrats’ figures, which include donations between April and June, are all the more impressive for coming while the nation underwent a historic […]

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro says he has COVID-19

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the coronavirus outbreak even as it has ravaged his nation, said Tuesday that he has COVID-19. Confirming his diagnosis to journalists in Brasilia on Tuesday, Bolsonaro said that he was suffering muscle aches, fatigue and a fever but otherwise felt “normal.” “I even want […]

How the coronavirus is disrupting addiction treatment

Shawn Hayes was thankful to be holed up at a city-run hotel for people with COVID-19. The 20-year-old wasn’t in jail. He wasn’t on the streets chasing drugs. Methadone to treat his opioid addiction was delivered to his door. Hayes was staying at the hotel because of a coronavirus outbreak at the 270-bed Kirkbride Center […]

The dark side of the South’s Mexican combo-plate dream

Gregorio Leon drove to the outskirts of Lexington, S.C., the night of Feb. 14, 2016, with a gun by his side and rage in his heart. Hours earlier, the 49-year-old had enjoyed a couple’s dinner with friends, his children and his wife of 26 years, Rachel. The two were taking time off from running Gregorio’s […]