GOP operatives want Kanye West on the ballot. Will it matter?

When a Democrat or Republican runs for president, there’s usually a stable of low-profile legal experts affiliated with the party who can help navigate the country’s thicket of ballot-access laws. But if you were, say, music megastar Kanye West mounting a not-exactly-viable presidential bid under the banner of the not-exactly-serious “Birthday Party,” such a network […]

Column: Coronavirus blues can strike when you least expect it

In the grocery store the other day, I passed through the “back to school” aisle and promptly burst into tears. Not the salty-sweet tears that fill your eyes and hang on your lashes before sending a perfect drop or two down your cheek to remind you that you are still alive in an emotional way. […]

Trump signs questionable directives on COVID-19 relief

President Trump on Saturday said he was bypassing Congress and taking unilateral action to provide financial relief to Americans struggling during the coronavirus crisis, despite uncertainty about his legal authority to do so. Following the breakdown of talks on Capitol Hill to reach a bipartisan deal, Trump signed four orders that he said would extend […]

After Beirut explosion, skepticism grows at home and abroad

Following Tuesday’s deadly port explosion in Beirut, Lebanese officials face increasing ire from the public and a skeptical international community that has, nevertheless, promised to provide humanitarian aid to help the devastated city get back on its feet. While both Lebanese citizens and foreign leaders have pushed for an overhaul in the governance of the […]

In Beirut, one family’s agony is a window to a nation’s suffering

At 6:06 p.m. Tuesday, Amin Zahed, a 42-year-old father of two who worked as a night manager in the port of Beirut, sent a photograph to his brother on WhatsApp, showing a building at the port on fire. Two minutes later, a massive explosion shook the port, sending up a mushroom cloud that some initially […]

Instead of returning to school, Mexican students to watch TV

The television has been called the “idiot box” and the “boob tube.” In Mexico, it will soon be the classroom. With the coronavirus outbreak showing no signs of abating here, officials have decided to keep public elementary and secondary schools closed indefinitely and have the nation’s 30 million students begin the new academic year at […]

PETA wants to ban trophy hunting. This LA man is the target

In mid-December, Aaron Raby shot and killed an elephant. Hours later, he had a piece of it for dinner, with a side of sliced tomato and avocado. A self-described “blue-collar” Los Angeles crane operator, Raby paid more than $30,000 for the once-in-a-lifetime experience — traveling more than 10,000 miles to South Africa to shoot and […]

Mexico arrests ‘El Marro,’ gang leader in a bloody cartel war

Mexican authorities on Sunday arrested the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, a gang known for stealing millions of dollars of fuel from government pipelines and for turning once-peaceful Guanajuato state into one of the most dangerous regions in the country. Videos show the pre-dawn capture by federal and state authorities of José […]

Column One: Old-school treatment for a 21st century pandemic

A few weeks after the new coronavirus arrived on U.S. shores, Dr. Arturo Casadevall hatched a plan to beat back the outbreak with a medical advance so powerful it had earned a Nobel Prize. In 1901. That’s when Dr. Emil Adolf von Behring was honored for pioneering the use of so-called convalescent serum as a […]