Hundreds attend far-right Proud Boys rally in Portland

Several hundred far-right activists, many of them in militarized helmets and body armor — and some openly carrying guns — turned out Saturday afternoon for what they termed a “free speech” event to support President Trump’s reelection, ratcheting up fears of an explosive clash with left-wing protesters who have taken to the city’s streets most […]

Breonna Taylor key reason Black women don’t trust the system

There’s a story many of us tell ourselves in this country. That, no matter how unfair things might be at a given moment, if we’re informed and engaged, vote consistently for the politicians who represent the interests of the majority of Americans, eventually we will be governed by laws and policies that reflect those interests. […]

In Breonna Taylor case, mourning blankets Louisville

A day after grand jurors declined to charge officers for killing Breonna Taylor — a Black woman who was shot dead at night inside her own apartment six months ago — a quiet sense of mourning has engulfed this city tucked along the banks of the Ohio River, now the epicenter of national outrage over […]

Trump slams China in U.N. speech echoing his campaign themes

As the United Nations marked its 75th anniversary with a pandemic-era summit conducted virtually, President Trump used the occasion Tuesday to excoriate China, accusing it of “unleashing” the coronavirus on the world even as U.S. deaths from the disease passed 200,000. Trump, who’d advertised for days on the campaign trail that he would be tough […]

Trans Indonesian woman finds acceptance in a remote village

Hendrika Mayora Victoria Kelan, who once secretly sewed a dress out of mosquito netting, was met with stares and whispers when she returned to her childhood village of Habi on the southern reaches of Indonesia. Many in the earthquake-prone farming community carved into a patchwork of cornfields along the Flores Sea recoiled at the thought […]

CDC says coronavirus spreads mainly via respiratory aerosols

The coronavirus spreads most commonly in the air, through droplets or other tiny respiratory particles that apparently can remain suspended and inhaled, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in new guidance. The smaller particles, known as aerosols, are produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, talks or breathes and can be inhaled […]

Trump says his Supreme Court choice will be a woman

The push for quick action on a successor for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gathered steam Saturday, as President Trump said that he expected to announce his choice this week and that it would be a woman. Early Saturday, Trump on Twitter called on the Senate to act “without delay.” “We want […]

What did Ruth Bader Ginsberg mean to you?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg — the second woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court, a trailblazing civil rights attorney and an outspoken feminist — died Friday at age 87. Her death hits millions of Americans particularly hard. She wasn’t just a powerful judge; she was the “Notorious RBG,” the unusual supreme court justice with […]

Louis DeJoy’s USPS changes brought operational chaos, delays

For new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who wanted the U.S. Postal Service to operate more efficiently, it seemed like an obvious fix: Just run the trucks on time. So in July he ordered drivers to start leaving post offices and distribution centers exactly on schedule and curtailed extra trips to pick up any mail that […]